The Juarez Scholarship

Victor A. and Daisy A. Juarez Latino Scholarship

The Culturally Integrated Education for Latinos Organization (CIELO) awards as part of the Victor A. and Daisy A. Juarez Latino Scholarship program. We award three or more scholarships each year in the amount of $2000.00 starting in 2018.
The successful applicant may use these funds for whatever education related expenses are deemed appropriate by the educational institution they attend. Funds are paid to the school in the student’s name.
Letters announcing the award or denial of a scholarship are postmarked by August 1st each year to each applicant at the address listed on their application. All decisions by the Executive Board concerning application acceptance, rejection, award or the dollar amounts of the scholarships are final. See below for details.
Be of Latino background (one parent must be full Latino or both parents must be at least half)
Applicant must live within 60 miles of the city of Springfield, IL
Minimum un-weighted grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on a 4.00 scale
Currently enrolled in or accepted to attend an accredited university, college, or trade school
The main campus of the educational institution must be located in Sangamon County, Illinois, or applicant must be a member of CIELO, Inc. at the time of application submission
All application materials must be typed or legibly written in English
Each person is eligible to receive a scholarship from this program only once in a lifetime
Please note that an applicant attending an educational institution whose main campus is located within Sangamon County, Illinois does NOT need to be a member of CIELO to quality. However, members of the CIELO organization are qualified for this scholarship to seek financial assist to attend an educational institution based outside of the Sangamon County, Illinois. Furthermore, membership in the CIELO organization does not impact favorably or negatively the scholarship selection committee’s final review of the qualifying scholarship applications.
SELECTION: – Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:
20% on perceived financial need
20% on academic achievement and an academic letter of recommendation
20% on applicant’s personal essay
20% reported community involvement and/or extracurricular activities and letter of recommendation from teacher, clergy, or adult club leader on these activities
20% is based on any special circumstances of the applicant as perceived by individual members of the application review committee
Special Note: The academic and community, civic, and/or athletic activities letters of recommendation contribute significantly to the application’s assessment and final rating. The evaluation committee requires separate letters of recommendation to meet these two requirements. Furthermore, involvement in your community is highly valued by the review committee so please explain fully.
A complete and signed application (The application form may be photocopied)
A copy of your transcripts
A letter of academic recommendation on official letterhead
A personal essay
A list of your community, civic, and/or athletic activities, and
A letter of recommendation on these activities
POSTMARK APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications postmarked after May 15th, or received after May 20th, each year will not be accepted; no extension will be granted.
Mail your application to: VA&DAJ Latino Scholarship, 1010 Mesa Dr., Chatham, IL, 62629.
We recommend that you obtain a copy of our scholarship application package for the most current and complete scholarship qualifications and application requirements.
Please CLICK HERE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION 2019to view a PDF copy of our current VA&DAJ Latino Scholarship application. CLICK HERE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION 2019if you wish to view and download a MS Word copy of our current version of the application.
CLICK HERE to be introduced to the wonderful people for whom this scholarship has been dedicated, Victor and Daisy Juarez

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