Stephen Curry says he’s the best point guard in NBA history, but praises Magic Johnson

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Who could argue that Stephen Curry isn’t one of the best players to ever play basketball? The Warriors star is a four-time champion and has revolutionized the sport in the process. However, if we play it by position, is the veteran player the best point guard to ever live?

In a recent interview with former player Gilbert Arenas, Curry placed himself at the top of the mountain when it comes to the greatest point guards in history. However, he did deliver massive praise for legend Magic Johnson while saying it, stating that he never thought he’d be comparing himself to the former Lakers star.

Check out their take on the matter on the most recent show of the “Gil’s Arena” podcast:

The former Wizards star asked him the question directly, and Curry bluntly said “yes.”

Then, after thinking about it for a minute, the Golden State leader accepted that it was a complicated conversation, especially considering Magic’s career, but that this is precisely why these debates are so fun to engage in.

“I obviously had to answer that way,” he started. “But I really feel like, to your point, Magic’s résumé is ridiculous. so the fact that we are even having this conversation is a place I never thought I’d be. But the fact, to your point and how you grade it, this is why we have these conversations because it’s fun.”

According to Curry, it’s hard to make comparisons but if you ask him about his place in NBA history, he’s always going to root for himself.

“You know, measuring errors against each other and I love it because that’s what basketball and sports are all about, it’s why people watch and get into heated debates about it, I love it,” he explained. “You put me in on my own team, I’m gonna rep myself for sure.”

Arenas recently talked about how three-point shooters changed the sport, making a reference to Curry’s game

Last week, Gilbert Arenas was invited to the “Iman Amongst Men” podcast and talked about how the sport has changed in recent years, especially after players like Curry started revolutionizing the importance of the long-range shot over a decade ago.

“This is a new game. Speaking new terms. You got these guys saying, ‘Oh, this is a horrible shot.’ Yeah, back then. Back then when y’all was shooting two threes, 10 threes a game. Now it’s 40 threes so someone’s gotta take them,” Arenas told host Iman Shumpert, who couldn’t help but agree.

Take a look at the full episode of the former Cavaliers star’s podcast in which they discuss many topics:

Shumpert then joined in on the conversation, admitting that the three-point shot has become almost invaluable.

“If you don’t get enough of ’em up, you can’t win this game,” he mentioned the past NBA Finals. “Watching Miami [Heat] compete with Denver [Nuggets]. If you can’t respond to that three ball, just for two games, it’ll kill you.”

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