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Quick: Over the cap.

Salary Cap: $112,414,000

Luxury Tax Threshold: $136,606,000

Projection for 2022-23 (cap $119 million): Over the cap.

Roster Count: 15 guaranteed, one non-guaranteed, one two-way

Depth Chart
PG: Marcus Smart, Dennis Schroder, Payton Pritchard, Kris Dunn
SG: Josh Richardson, Carsen Edwards, Romeo Langford
SF: Jaylen Brown, Aaron Nesmith, Sam Hauser (two-way)
PF: Jayson Tatum, Grant Williams, Jabari Parker, Bruno Fernando
C: Al Horford, Robert Williams, Enes Kanter

Note: Teams often adjust their depth chart throughout the season, sometimes game by game.


  • Trade Exception (Jeff Teague, expiring 2/11/22) — $370,564
  • Trade Exception (Kemba Walker, expiring 5/17/22) — $5,096,479
  • Trade Exception (Moses Brown, expiring 6/27/22) — $500,000
  • Trade Exception (Tristan Thompson, expiring 7/7/22) — $9,720,900
  • Trade Exception (Evan Fournier, expiring 7/18/22) — $17,142,857
  • Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception — $0 (Dennis Schroder)

Non-Guaranteed Salaries — Next Cut-Down Date*

  • Jabari Parker $2,283,034 ($100,000 guaranteed) — First game of the season ($1,141,517 guarantees)

* Teams and players can agree to push back cut-down dates but not past January 7 each year.

Free Agents (with Cap Holds)

  • Full Bird: None
  • Early Bird: Luke Kornet ($2,925,000), Tacko Fall (two-way), Tremont Waters (two-way)

Rookie-Scale Options

  • Aaron Nesmith (third-year)
  • Payton Pritchard (third-year)
  • Grant Williams (fourth-year)
  • Romeo Langford (fourth-year)

Waived Players: None

Traded Players: Kemba Walker, Moses Brown, Tristan Thompson, Evan Fournier (sign-and-trade)

G-League Affiliate: Maine Celtics (general manager Remy Cofield, head coach Scott Morrison)

Two-Way Contracts: None

Note: Two-Way Contracts pay $462,629 for the full 2021-22 season, pro-rated based on in-season signing date.

Governor: Wyc Grousbeck

Basketball Executives

  • Brad Stevens — president of basketball operations
  • Mike Zarren — assistant general manager & team counsel
  • Austin Ainge — director of player personnel
  • Dave Lewin — director of player evaluation
  • Allison Feaster — VP of player development & organizational growth
  • Frank Burke — director of basketball operations
  • David Sparks — director of basketball analytics
  • Drew Cannon — basketball operations analyst

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Ime Udoka

Assistants: Jay Larranaga, Jamie Young, Jerome Allen, Scott Morrison, Joe Mazzulla, Brandon Bailey, Kenny Graves (coaching associate)

Training Staff: Phil Coles (executive director of performance), Art Horne (director of sports performance), Jace Delaney (director of sports science and athletic development), Tyler Yeaton (assistant strength and conditioning coach)

Pick Swaps

  • 2023 — Owe a second-rounder to the Charlotte Hornets (Gordon Hayward).
  • 2023 — Owed a second-rounder from the Portland Trail Blazers (Rodney Hood, Kevin Porter Jr, Luke Kennard, Rajon Rondo, Tristan Thompson).
  • 2023 — The higher second-rounder from the Miami HEAT and Dallas Mavericks to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The higher of (the lower second-rounder from Miami and Dallas) and the Houston Rockets (33-60) goes to the Boston Celtics. The pick that does not go to Boston (including Houston 31-32) goes to the Indiana Pacers (Josh McRoberts, Delon Wright, Bruno Caboclo, Desmond Bane, James Johnson, James Harden). The Thunder may send their resulting second to the New York Knicks (Kemba Walker, Evan Fournier).
  • 2024 — Owe a second-rounder to the Charlotte Hornets (Gordon Hayward).
  • 2025 — Owed a second-rounder from the Memphis Grizzlies (Desmond Bane). The higher of the Grizzlies and Celtics pick will go to the Oklahoma City Thunder (Kemba Walker). The lower will go to the Orlando Magic (Evan Fournier).
  • 2027 — Owe a second-rounder to the Orlando Magic (Evan Fournier).

Cash Paid ($5,785,000 max): $0

Cash Received ($5,785,000 max): $110,000 from the New York Knicks (Evan Fournier) — $5,675,000


  • 9/9/21 — No-aggregation restriction lifts on Josh Richardson.
  • 9/15/21 — No-aggregation restrictions lift on Bruno Fernando and Kris Dunn.
  • 10/19/21 — First day of the 2021-22 regular season.
  • First game of the 2021-22 season — Jabari Parker’s salary guarantees at 50 percent ($1,141,517).
  • 10/31/21 — Team options on Payton Pritchard, Aaron Nesmith, Romeo Langford and Grant Williams.
  • 12/15/21 — No-trade restrictions lift on Enes Kanter and Dennis Schroder.
  • 1/7/22 — Jabari Parker’s $2,283,034 guarantees for 2021-22.
  • 1/25/22 — No-trade restriction lifts on Marcus Smart.
  • 2/11/22 — Jeff Teague trade exception expires.
  • 4/10/22 — Final day of the 2021-22 regular season.
  • 5/17/22 — Kemba Walker trade exception expires.
  • 6/23/22 — NBA Draft.
  • 6/27/22 — Moses Brown trade exception expires.
  • 6/29/22 — Qualifying offer deadlines for Robert Williams and Bruno Fernando.
  • 6/29/22 — Team option on Payton Pritchard, Carsen Edwards and Aaron Nesmith
  • 7/1/22 — Start of the 2022-23 calendar year and moratorium.
  • 7/1/22 — Robert Williams’ poison pill expires.
  • 7/5/22 — Final day of the moratorium.
  • 7/7/22 — Tristan Thompson trade exception expires.
  • 7/18/22 — Evan Fournier trade exception expires.
  • Before the first day of 2022-23 season — Extension deadlines for Romeo Langford and Grant Williams.
  • 1/7/23 — Moses Brown’s $1,846,738 guarantees for 2022-23.
  • 1/7/23 — Al Horford’s $26,500,000 guarantees for 2022-23, unless it already had by the Celtics winning the 2021-22 NBA title.
  • 6/29/23 — Qualifying offer deadlines for Romeo Langford and Grant Williams.
  • Before the first day of 2023-24 season — Extension deadlines for Payton Pritchard and Aaron Nesmith.
  • 6/29/24 — Qualifying offer deadlines for Aaron Nesmith and Payton Pritchard.
  • 6/29/25 — Jayson Tatum’s player option.

Teams and players can renegotiate guarantee dates but no later than January 7 each year.


  • 6/2/21 — Danny Ainge, president of basketball operations, retired. Brad Stevens was named his replacement, stepping down as head coach.
  • 6/18/21 — Traded Kemba Walker, No. 16 in 2021 and a 2025 second-rounder (the higher of the Memphis Grizzlies and Celtics) to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Al Horford, Moses Brown and a 2023 second-rounder (the lowest of the Washington Wizards, Thunder and the higher second-rounder from the Miami HEAT and Dallas Mavericks). Brown was acquired via the Jeff Teague trade exception.
  • 6/28/21 — Hired Ime Udoka as head coach.
  • 7/29/21 — Drafted Juhann Begarin (2021-45th).
  • 7/31/21 — Traded Moses Brown to the Dallas Mavericks for Josh Richardson (via the Gordon Hayward trade exception, $184,048 remaining), generating a $500,000 trade exception for Brown.
  • 7/31/21 — Vincent Poirier trade exception ($343,873) expired.
  • 7/31/21 — Jabari Parker’s salary guaranteed at $100,000.
  • 8/1/21 — Declined to issue qualifying offers to Tacko Fall and Tremont Waters.
  • 8/1/21 — Enes Kanter trade exception ($4,767,000) expired.
  • 8/2/21 — Jayson Tatum’s poison pill expired.
  • 8/7/21 — Traded Tristan Thompson to the Sacramento Kings for Kris Dunn (via the Daniel Theis trade exception), Bruno Fernando (via the Kemba Walker trade exception, $5,096,479 remaining) and a Portland Trail Blazers 2023 second-rounder from the Atlanta Hawks, generating a $9,720,900 trade exception for Thompson.
  • 8/13/21 — Signed Sam Hauser to a two-way contract ($50,000 guaranteed).
  • 8/13/21 — Signed Enes Kanter to a $2,641,691 minimum contract.
  • 8/13/21 — Signed Dennis Schroder to a $5,890,000 contract, via the taxpayer mid-level exception.
  • 8/16/21 — Gordon Hayward trade exception ($184,048) expired.
  • 8/17/21 — Traded Evan Fournier (via sign-and-trade), a 2022 Charlotte Hornets second-rounder (top-55 protected) and the lowest 2023 second-rounder between the Oklahoma City Thunder, Washington Wizards (Markieff Morris, Steven Adams) and (the higher of the Miami HEAT and Dallas Mavericks) (Josh McRoberts, Delon Wright, Bruno Caboclo, Desmond Bane, James Johnson, James Harden. Kemba Walker) to the New York Knicks for $110,000, generating a $17,142,857 trade exception.
  • 8/21/21 — Re-signed Marcus Smart to a $77,087,994 extension ($600,000 in likely incentives for the 2022-23 season) adding four additional years, with a trade bonus of 15 percent (up to $1 million).
  • 8/23/21 — Re-signed Josh Richardson to a $12,196,084 extension, adding one additional year.
  • 8/24/21 — Re-signed Robert Williams to a $54 million extension ($6 million in unlikely incentives), adding four additional years.

No-Trade: None

Trade Kickers

  • Jayson Tatum — 15 percent
  • Marcus Smart — 15 percent, but no more than $1 million

Note: Players can waive their trade bonuses.

Poison Pill

  • Robert Williams — $10,332,395 (expiring 7/1/22)

Expired 10-Day Contracts: None


  • None

Qualifying Offers

  • None

Unsigned Draft Picks

  • First-rounders: None
  • Second-rounders: Juhann Begarin (2021-45th), Yam Madar (2020-47th)

Rookie-Scale Extension Eligible

  • None

Arena: TD Garden

Team Stats

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Cap Holds

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