Best Fantasy Sports Apps 2023 – Compare the Top DFS Apps in the US

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Our expert team put together a complete guide on the best fantasy sports apps available in the US. In this guide, we review the top four daily fantasy sports sites and provide an in-depth analysis of each – highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

After reading through our guide, you’ll know everything you need in order to select your next daily fantasy sports app and understand more about this ever-growing online sports betting niche.

In This Guide

List of the Best Fantasy Sports Apps

After reviewing several fantasy sports apps, our team of experts narrowed down the top list, below. We conducted thorough research and tested each one of these apps to understand how they work and what they offer new customers and existing users. It is worth noting that each of these top fantasy sports apps is indeed legal to access in most states throughout the country.

  1. Battle Infinity – Our pick for the best DFS in the US
  2. FanDuel – Excellent fantasy game offering, most notably for the NFL & NBA
  3. DraftKings – One of the top DFS brands in America
  4. Monkey Knife Fight – An extremely user-friendly DFS app

Reviews of the Best Fantasy Sports Apps

Below, you will find complete site reviews for our list of the best fantasy sports apps in the US. We’ll cover everything from the bonuses they offer, to the sports available, and even include a review of how the app is overall. Without further ado, check our review of the best fantasy sports apps.

1. Battle Infinity – The Top Site for Daily Fantasy Sports in the US

Battle Infinity Daily Fantasy Sports

Battle Infinity is a new player in the DFS app space as it has yet to formally launch. The site is a partnership between Gala Games and Battle Islands and is said to be fully integrated with the Metaverse to enable players to play daily fantasy games within the virtual world.

To start, there will be up to six battle arenas for players to compete in. In each arena, there will be cash prizes and exclusive giveaways, such as NFTs. Furthermore, Battle Infinity will also allow players to buy and sell unique NFTs with other players within their own marketplace.

Because the site has not launched yet, you cannot log in or access it. However, there is a pre-sale live on their site. Here, you can invest and buy IBAT tokens that will work on the platform once it is launched.


  • Unique platform rooted in NFT trading
  • Early investment opportunity right now
  • Cash prizes and games on the platform
  • Multiple arenas to compete in daily


  • Not available to the public yet

2. FanDuel – Great DFS for the NFL & NBA

FanDuel DFS

FanDuel is one of the early pioneers of fantasy sports gaming and has built up a credible reputation among US consumers. They are a well-known brand that offers excellent fantasy game options for several sports, especially the NBA and the NFL.

New players at FanDuel are eligible to receive a $50 welcome bonus when they sign up for the daily fantasy sports section of their website. In addition to DFS games, FanDuel does offer online sports betting, but at the moment it is limited to a select number of states.

Overall, FanDuel has a great interface that is easy to use and offers great gaming options.


  • Top tier brand and credibility
  • Clean, user-friendly design
  • Free to sign up and offers a bonus
  • Excellent NBA and NFL contests


  • The welcome bonus is small

3. DraftKings – Leading Brand in Daily Fantasy Sports

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports

Along with FanDuel, DraftKings is easily the most recognizable daily fantasy sports app in the US. More importantly, the DFS offering at DraftKings is second-to-none as they cover a wide variety of sports, including the major North American sports leagues.

DraftKings has done an excellent job designing its site and app to make it easy to navigate and play on. Additionally, they have a ton of competitions to choose from and are a popular site with a ton of active players.

As a new DFS player at DraftKings, you can receive a $5 no deposit bonus and a welcome bonus of $100 if you are going to deposit funds right away.


  • Leading brand in the DFS space
  • All major sports offered on the site
  • Multiple new player bonuses available
  • Large payouts and several competitions


  • Payouts can be difficult to win

4. Monkey Knife Fight – User-friendly DFS app

Monkey Knife Fight Daily Fantasy Sports

Along with Battle Infinity, Monkey Knife Fight is also a relatively new player in the daily fantasy sports app space. However, they are using that to their advantage as they have focused on providing an extremely user-friendly experience across their app and site.

Moreover, MKF is focused on offering select competitions while ensuring that they are all high-quality. This can be viewed as both a positive and a negative depending on what you’re looking for as the range of sports is quite small.

Monkey Knife Fight offers a $100 welcome bonus to new players and has a robust bonus offering for existing players as well.


  • Focuses on quality vs. quantity
  • Excellent bonus and rewards program
  • Easy-to-navigate site interface
  • Generous welcome bonus


  • Contests are limited
  • Prizes are not as large due to small offering

Comparing the Top Fantasy Sports Apps

Below is our list of the best daily fantasy sports apps along with a breakdown of each’s offering.

Fantasy Sports App Price Range of Fantasy Sports Prize Pools Prize Money
Battle Infinity Free / TBD, per the league 6 Pending launch Pending launch
FanDuel Free 9 Yes $100 – $100,000+
DraftKings Free 13 Yes $100 – $1 million +
Monkey Knife Fight Free 9 Yes $1,000+

Is it Legal to Bet on Fantasy Sports Apps in the US?

Currently, in the US, there are only six states that have fully banned daily fantasy sports apps. They are Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington. Otherwise, daily fantasy sports gaming is legal. It is worth noting that even in these states, daily fantasy sports betting on offshore platforms remains a valid option.

In fact, daily fantasy sports are a great alternative to online sports betting, which is also limited in a number of states across the US. DFS is different from sports betting as it involves more skill, as opposed to luck, which is the opposite of sports betting or casino gaming.

Additionally, the odds and payouts are different. Players bet in pools or competitions, whereas in sports betting odds are set by bookmakers.

Because daily fantasy sports apps are more accessible and legal in most states, there are way more eligible players and potentially large prize pools. Thus, competition in DFS can be lucrative and provide bigger wins.

Where is it Legal to Bet on Fantasy Sports Apps?

The table below highlights the latest rules and regulations on fantasy sports apps for each state.

US States Battle Infinity DraftKings FanDuel Monkey Knife Fight
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Who Can Play on Fantasy Sports Apps in the US?

As you can see above, each state offers different rules and regulations as it pertains to individual DFS apps and sites. As such, your location and the site you wish to play on will determine whether or not you are able to legally play fantasy sports games at one of our top DFS sites.

Nonetheless, below are a few minimum requirements that are consistent across the US.

  • To play in most states, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • A handful of states raised the minimum age to 19 or 21.
  • DFS apps will limit you to one account only per household.
  • You must be a resident or physically located inside the state.

What Are Fantasy Sports Apps?

Simply put, daily fantasy sports apps and games allow players to bet against other players and win money from a prize pool. The main difference is that the odds are based on fantasy games, whereas in sports betting, the odds are determined by bookmakers and controlled by a casino or sportsbook.

To win, your fantasy team must outscore your opponents. The scoring system is defined for each type of game and is agreed upon before entering the contest. In short, bettors can choose players from teams within a specific sport and compete against other customers who build their own teams from the same pool of players.

Many of the DFS games are free to play, however, prizes are much larger for the pay-to-play contests. To win, you must finish atop the leaderboard and outperform others in the contest.

How Betting at Fantasy Sports Apps Work?

The way fantasy sports apps work are contingent on which league or contest you wish to enter. The most common way to participate in DFS gaming is by entering a league that runs for a set period of time, such as a week or an entire season. However, there are single game options to choose from.

The prize money for the contest will depend on the number of players who enter the contest. The prize money will either be paid to the winner outright, or in some instances, it will be split throughout the top of the leaderboard. If a contest is free to enter, the prize money and criteria will be established prior to entry.

Additionally, players have the option to compete versus other players in one-on-one play. Here, the length of the contest varies but it’s typically either a particular game, week, or season.

How We Rank the Best Fantasy Sports Apps?

To rank our list of the best fantasy sports apps we complete a thorough review that takes multiple days and includes first-hand experience and testing. Below is a list of the main criteria we used to rank the best fantasy sports apps in the US.

Choice of Fantasy Sports

First and foremost, we consider the number of sports offered at each DFS site. Choosing a site with several sports will give you variety in terms of the sports offered, the types of contests, and the frequency of games.

Choice of Fantasy Leagues

As alluded to above, the number of sports will also influence the number of contests or choice of fantasy leagues. Hence, next on our consideration list is the number of leagues available. Having choice is always best and we love to see both free and pay-to-play options as it meets the gaming needs of just every type of daily fantasy sports player.

Bonuses & Promotions

Another key component that factors into our rankings is what type of bonuses and promotions are offered on the app and on the site. A platform is definitely worth using if it not only offers a decent welcome bonus, but also good ongoing promotions for existing players. These rewards can help you win more in the long run.

Safety & Security

Each of the top four fantasy sports apps we reviewed has top-notch security. This is something that we do not take lightly. In order for our team of experts to recommend an app, they must demonstrate a commitment to security to ensure your funds and personal details are kept safe.

Betting Markets Payment Methods

Another feature that is important in our ranking system is banking methods. Nowadays, users use both traditional and alternative banking methods. Most notably, cryptocurrency sportsbooks are becoming very popular and often support Bitcoin and several altcoins. Thus, a site will rank higher if they offer more than one banking method.

Customer Support

Along with security, customer support is another crucial component of our ranking system. It’s imperative that all of the DFS apps we review can offer strong customer support to their customers. A detailed FAQ section or help center is very important to quickly answer questions.

How to Sign Up for a Top Fantasy Sports App

Signing up for a DFS app is fairly simple. Below, we’ll walk through the process of signing up on Battle Infinity, our top fantasy sports betting app.

Please note that Battle Infinity has not yet launched, but you can still prepare for the launch by purchasing the necessary crypto coins to get started. These coins are IBAT, which are BEP-20 tokens available for purchase now.

Step 1. Get a Crypto Wallet

To get started at Battle Infinity, you must first set up your cryptocurrency wallet via the Binance Smart Chain, which is the blockchain on which Battle Infinity operates on. We advise you to use Trust Wallet as that is what Battle Infinity recommends as well. Simply go to your app store and download Trust Wallet (or Metamask).

Trust Wallet homepage

Step 2. Purchase Binance Coin (BNB)

While you’re downloading your wallet, head over to any top crypto exchange and purchase Binance Coin as this coin is required to purchase IBAT. Once you have your wallet set up and Binance Coin purchased, you can send a transfer to your wallet.

Binance Exchange Homepage

Step 3. Link Your Crypto Wallet to your Battle Infinity Account

Next, visit Battle Infinity and click on “launch presale dashboard”. Then, click the green “connect wallet” button and choose your crypto wallet.

Battle Infinity Homepage

Step 4. Buy IBAT Coins at Battle Infinity

After you connected your wallet, you will be ready to purchase IBAT from Battle Infinity. Select the “Buy IBAT” button and enter the amount of IBAT you wish to purchase (just make sure you have enough Binance Coin to cover your desired amount). Then, click “Buy IBAT” to complete your purchase.

IBAT coin for Battle Infinity

Step 5. Import the IBAT Address

Lastly, click on “import tokens” and enter your unique contract address to successfully import the IBAT coins you just purchased into your crypto wallet. To find this address, visit the Battle Infinity Telegram group and/or contact customer support.

Once you have the address, select “add custom token” and then you will be all ready to go. Again, Battle Infinity hasn’t launched quite yet, but you will be ready for gaming the moment the site is live.

Popular Types of Fantasy Sports to Play on an App

Daily fantasy sports betting sites oftentimes offer a wide variety of sports to choose from. We listed out some of the top sports you can choose from, below.

Fantasy Football (NFL)

Arguably the most popular sport to bet on, including on daily fantasy sports betting apps, is football. Each of the top fantasy sports apps we featured offers contests related to football and the NFL. If you’re interested in traditional betting, check out our list of the best NFL sportsbooks.

Fantasy Basketball (NBA)

Next to the NFL in popularity is the NBA. There are plenty of contests and opportunities to play fantasy games related to basketball and specifically the NBA. To get a leg up on your competition, check out our guide to trading fantasy basketball players.

Fantasy Hockey (NHL)

Just about every daily fantasy betting app has a good selection of NHL competitions as the league is fairly popular across the US and in Canada. Learn more about betting on the NHL via our review guide as some fantasy sports apps do offer legal sports betting.

Fantasy Baseball (MLB)

Another popular sport throughout the US and across daily fantasy sites is baseball, more specifically, MLB. Some of the best MLB betting sites also include daily fantasy games on baseball – such as FanDuel and DraftKings.

Fantasy College Football

Since football betting is is big throughout the nation, the college leagues also get a lot of attention when it comes to betting and fantasy competitions. DraftKings offers excellent college football games and leagues, so be sure to check them out if you are a college football fan.

Fantasy College Basketball

The NCAA also offers collegiate basketball, which is another popular fantasy sport that folks compete in via FanDuel, DraftKings, and other DFS apps. The most popular event in college basketball is the annual March Madness tournament, which is a great time of the year for sports betting and fantasy sports and apps.

Fantasy Soccer

Fantasy soccer may not be as popular in America as it is in other countries. However, most major DFS apps offer contests related to soccer, specifically the Major League Soccer (MLS). Additionally, you will find international contests available as well, such as contests centered around FIFA tournaments, the English Premier League, and others.

Fantasy Golf

Fantasy golf games are also offered, particularly around major PGA Tour events. Additionally, you will find competitions based on the European Tour as well.

Fantasy Cricket

Fans of cricket will be pleased to know that they are not left out of the daily fantasy sports games. In fact, you can find cricket contests at some of the top DFS sites.

Other Fantasy Sports

Other fantasy sports include:

  • Esports
  • F1 Racing
  • WNBA
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
  • Canadian Football (CFL)

Best Fantasy Sports Apps Contests

On any given fantasy sports app, you will find a handful of contests to choose from. Below, we take a look at the five most popular contests available on fantasy sports apps.

Cash Game

Cash games are one of the best types of games on DFS apps as they usually come with good odds. For instance, a 50/50 game is a type of cash game where the top 50% of players receive a cash prize.


Freeroll games do not require an entry, but still have a prize pool. In a way, freeroll games are a promotional offer as they are sponsored by the app and oftentimes are marketed to new players so that they can get a feel for the games on the app.


Qualifier games are games where folks who finish at the top of the leaderboard can enter or qualify for more lucrative contests. It is worth noting that winning qualifiers is more difficult due to the odds and the number of participants.

Survivor Tournament

A survivor tournament is when players must score a certain number of points in order to advance to the stage in the contest. As the tournament progresses, fewer players remain, which often means more prize money for the top finishers.

Draft League

A draft league game is when players choose from a pool of players within a particular sport to create their own team. This team then competes against other teams that were drafted by other players. This type of game is very popular during the NFL and other major leagues.

Our Top 5 Tips for Playing at Fantasy Sports Apps

Here, we list out our top 5 tips for playing fantasy sports games, which should help you get better at strategizing for your next fantasy contest.

1. Focus on 50/50 Leagues

As mentioned previously, 50/50 leagues offer the best potential for you to win prize money. While larger payouts may be enticing, you will likely have more success in terms of money earned by playing 50/50 leagues.

2. Use Data & Analytics

Leveraging data and analytics will help you make well-informed decisions in terms of who you are “betting” on or drafting, and more. Taking a data-driven approach is highly recommended and should be fairly simple as there is a ton of information available on certain players and betting-related topics.

3. Start a Routine

Keeping up with daily and weekly fantasy games can be taxing. It requires a lot of thought and dedication. Try to establish a routine by checking injury reports, news reports, and anything else that could impact your fantasy game. Missing a day or two of research could set you back. The best offshore betting sites include news sections to help you stay up to date.

4. Trust Your Instincts

Many daily fantasy players fall victim to following the crowd and larger trends. To set yourself apart from others, trust your own gut and research. If you put in the time to research players, matchups, and other related news, it will likely pay off in the end. Of course, there is some level of luck involved, but being unique may yield even bigger paydays.

5. Take Advantage of Bonuses

DFS sports apps want you to participate on their site. As such, they will offer lucrative welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions. Be sure to take full advantage of the low-risk bonuses they offer and the rewards they provide you for your play. It’s a win-win for both you as a player and the DFS app since usage goes up and the potential to win more prizes also increases.

Types of Bonuses Available at Fantasy Sports Apps

As mentioned throughout this guide, fantasy sports apps offer several types of bonuses to their customers. Here are some of the main offers you will likely see before and after signing up for a daily fantasy sports app.

Deposit Match Bonus

A deposit match bonus is typically for new customers and is only applicable towards their first deposit. This type of bonus is when a daily fantasy sports app offers to 100% match your initial deposit up to a certain dollar amount. For instance, a $100 deposit would yield a $100 match from the app. Thus, you would have $200 to start with.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like – this is when a site will allow you to get started on their app without having to deposit any of your own funds. To claim this type of bonus, look for the specific promo code and enter it upon signing up so that your account is loaded with bonus funds before your first deposit.

Automatic Prize Pools

Oftentimes, DFS apps will offer contests that guarantee prize pools, which are typically large sums of money. These are different from traditional contests as the number of players competing isn’t a factor.

Loyalty Rewards

DFS apps will also develop a form of loyalty points or an ongoing rewards system to help retain existing players. Typically, you will acquire more loyalty rewards by playing more and the rewards vary from site to site.

The Best Payment Methods for Fantasy Sports Apps

There is no shortage of banking options at most DFS apps and sites. Below, we cover some of the main deposit and withdrawal methods available across major daily fantasy sports apps.

Crypto Betting Options

Crypto has risen in popularity over the last decade, and as such, DFS apps have made sure to make cryptocurrency an option for player deposits and withdrawals. In addition to its popularity, cryptocurrency is much faster in terms of processing times (relative to fiat currency). Thus, it’s the quickest and easiest way to move funds in and out of your DFS app account.

Main crypto options include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin

eWallet Betting Options

An eWallet allows you to use a digital wallet that is linked to a physical debit or credit card. Along with crypto, this is another convenient banking option that makes moving money around quick and painless.

Top eWallets include:

  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Cash App
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Wallet

Traditional Payment Methods

In addition to the newer, quicker ways to bank, DFS apps also allow for more traditional payment methods — which include debit and credit cards. Major card providers, such as Visa or Mastercard, are accepted. However, the processing times associated with these transactions can take a bit longer relative to the alternative banking options listed above.

The Best Fantasy Sports App in the US

Without question, the best fantasy sports app in the US is Battle Infinity. It’s a state-of-the-art new product that is set to change the DFS app ecosystem due its NFT integration and connection to the Metaverse. Moreover, it will also cover more sports and give players plenty of exciting contests every day.

The Battle Infinity app will be at the forefront of new technology as it relates to digital gaming and sports betting. To get started, check out the pre-sale launch at Battle Infinity and check back here for the latest news related to their official launch.


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