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Cricket is the world’s second most popular sport, with only soccer ahead of it. Yet, there are still no cricket fantasy apps available in the US. This is soon set to change with the launch of Battle Infinity. On this page, we’ll tell you about the best fantasy cricket apps and the fantasy apps that could offer cricket soon.

We won’t just be telling you about various cricket fantasy apps on this page. We’ll also be looking in detail at how to play at the best fantasy cricket apps, what the laws on fantasy cricket in the US are, and much more.

List of the Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

There are no fantasy cricket apps currently available, but Battle infinity is coming soon. We’ve also mentioned some other popular fantasy sports sites in the list, which could start offering fantasy cricket betting at some point.

  1. Battle Infinity – The first fantasy cricket app in the US is coming soon
  2. FanDuel – Hugely well trusted name in the world of fantasy sports
  3. DraftKings – Large selection of fantasy sports
  4. Monkey Knife Fight – An innovative mix of betting and fantasy sports

Reviews of the Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

Are you looking to find out a little more about the best fantasy cricket apps? If so, take a look through our more detailed reviews below.

1. Battle Infinity – The First Fantasy Cricket App in the US is Coming Soon

Battle Infinity Homepage

Battle Infinity is still being developed, but there have already been several features announced – including the fact that fantasy cricket betting will be available, alongside fantasy basketball, soccer, and kabaddi. This is hugely exciting, as it will be the first fantasy cricket app available to cricket fans in the United States.

The fantasy sports offered at Battle Infinity will be different from the norm, as the website uses the blockchain and NFTs. Users of the site will be able to immerse themselves in the Metaverse, interacting with other users and watching battles between other players.

As already mentioned, this app is still being created. However, you can help with the fantasy cricket app development by heading to Battle Infinity and pre-purchasing some IBAT, the currency that will be used at the site. To do this, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet using the BSC Chain. Scroll further down this page to see how to purchase IBAT at Battle Infinity.


  • The first fantasy cricket app in the US
  • Utilizes modern blockchain technology
  • Interact with others in the Battle Arena
  • Purchase and sell NFTs at the exchange
  • Exceptionally simple platform to use


  • Only four sports offered in total
  • Not yet tested by the public

2. FanDuel – Hugely Well Trusted Name in the World of Fantasy Sports

FanDuel Homepage

FanDuel is the second largest fantasy sports site in the US, behind only DraftKings. It is an exceptionally well-trusted name in the US and is available in most states. With a massive player pool, FanDuel can offer huge competitions which can boast some exceptionally impressive prizes which regularly hit six figures.

There are several reasons to consider FanDuel, including the fact that the site regularly runs great promotions, including welcome offers. The platform is an exceptionally intuitive one, making fantasy sports betting incredibly simple, plus there’s a great sportsbook, which offers many cricket betting markets from around the world.

You’ll be able to play several fantasy sports at FanDuel, including football, basketball, and soccer, but there’s no fantasy cricket available. However, if cricket continues to increase in popularity in the US, there’s no reason why they won’t add the game to their portfolio.


  • Incredibly well-regarded US fantasy sports site
  • Several fantasy sports offered
  • Decent bonuses and promotions regularly available
  • Platform is exceptionally easy to use
  • Fantastic sportsbook for betting fans


  • No fantasy cricket betting available
  • Not available in all states

3. DraftKings – Huge Selection of Fantasy Sports

DraftKings Homepage

DraftKings is the largest fantasy sports website in the US, narrowly pushing FanDuel into second place. It is available to use in most states and is a well-known name that can be trusted completely. Like FanDuel, DraftKings also offers a sportsbook in many states – perfect for fans of fantasy sports who also enjoy an occasional wager.

You’ll find that using DraftKings is exceptionally simple, and they offer a variety of different fantasy sports contests. Prize pools for the largest contests can be huge. As you’d expect from such a large company, you’ll find some nice bonuses and promotions at DraftKings.

You’ll find more sports available at DraftKings than anywhere else, including FanDuel. These include football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. However, cricket is not currently offered on the platform – hopefully it will be added soon.


  • Huge prize pools available
  • Decent selection of promotions
  • Superb for fantasy eSports betting
  • Large variety of available sports
  • Great sportsbook also offered


  • Fantasy cricket not offered yet
  • Not available in every state

4. Monkey Knife Fight – An Innovative Mix of Betting and Fantasy Sports

Monkey Knife Fight Homepage

Monkey Knife Fight has a different twist on fantasy sports. Instead of picking teams, you wager on specific occurrences, such as whether a tennis player will notch up under or over 12.5 games in a match. It’s a far simpler way to play fantasy sports, as well as a quicker way, which will suit many fantasy sports fans perfectly.

This fantasy sports betting site certainly isn’t as large as DraftKings or FanDuel and positions itself as the alternative to these huge sites. However, don’t think that Monkey Knife Fight is a small name, as it is owned by gambling giant Bally’s.

In terms of the sports available, you’ll find all popular US sports, such as football and basketball, as well as soccer, golf, and more. However, cricket isn’t part of their portfolio. As with other fantasy sites, they might add it if cricket continues to become more popular in the United States.


  • Innovative mix of fantasy sports and betting
  • Large range of sports available
  • Owned by gambling giant Bally’s
  • Incredibly simple way to gamble
  • Purchase a range of Monkey Knife Fight products


  • Fantasy cricket not currently available
  • Can’t play in all states

Comparing the Top Fantasy Cricket Apps

Check out the table below for a quicker comparison of the best fantasy cricket apps available to those in the US.

Fantasy Cricket App Price Fantasy Cricket No. of Fantasy Sports Prize Pools Prize Money
Battle Infinity Free/Depends on league 4 TBC TBC
FanDuel Free 6 $100 – $100,000+
DraftKings Free 10 $100 – $1,000,000+
Monkey Knife Fight Free


8 $1 – $100,000+

Is it Legal to Bet on Fantasy Cricket Apps in the US?

The legal landscape surrounding online gambling in the US is particularly complex, with different rules in different states governing the legality of specific gambling types. However, when it comes to fantasy sports, the picture is somewhat simpler, as fantasy sports are counted as games of skill and not chance.

The different way in which fantasy sports is categorized made it simple for most states to legalize it. In fact, there are only five states that do not permit legal betting on fantasy sports: Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington.

However, there is nothing stopping offshore fantasy sports betting sites from offering their games to those in every state, including the ones where fantasy betting is banned. This is because offshore sites aren’t controlled by US lawmakers and therefore there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them from accepting players from throughout the country.

Who Can Play on Fantasy Cricket Apps in the US?

As already mentioned, the best fantasy cricket apps can be played throughout the country. However, there are still some restrictions as to who can play at them. Take a look below to see who exactly can play at the top fantasy cricket apps.

  • In most states, players must be 18 or over to play at the best fantasy cricket apps. However, some states have different laws, with the age being 19+ or 21+. They must be able to prove their age.
  • Anyone playing at a DFS site must have residency in a state that has legal fantasy sports betting. They must be able to prove this residency.
  • Players are only permitted to have one account per DFS site. Those successfully managing to open a second account could have both accounts closed if they’re found out.
  • Players are not able to play at a specific fantasy cricket app if they’ve been banned. However, they’ll still be able to play at other fantasy cricket apps out there.
  • Finally, players won’t be able to sign-up with the best apps to play fantasy cricket if they’ve self-excluded themselves and the period of self-exclusion hasn’t been served.

What are Fantasy Cricket Apps?

Cricket fantasy apps are mobile applications that allow you to create fantasy cricket teams and then go up against other players in contests. At the top fantasy cricket apps, the range of game types is large and the amount of money that can be won is impressive. More importantly, playing at the best fantasy cricket apps is exceptionally enjoyable.

You’ll be able to choose a team from a pool of cricketers, before then going up against other players in a contest. Once the contest has finished, the winning teams will be revealed. If your team was a winner, you’ll have your winnings paid directly into your fantasy cricket account.

The top fantasy cricket apps then allow you to withdraw money quickly. Alternatively, you could just spend the winnings entering another fantasy cricket contest, in the hope that you manage to win even more cash.

How Betting at Fantasy Cricket Apps Work

Fantasy sport betting, including fantasy cricket, is an exceptionally simple type of betting. Assuming you have an account and money to spend, you begin by choosing a contest to enter – the types of contests vary from site to site. Each contest has different rules, so make sure you understand them perfectly before moving ahead with choosing your fantasy cricket team.

You will then need to pick a team, obeying all rules, such as the maximum value of the team and not exceeding the permitted number of players from one team. You’ll usually have to select a specific number of players for each role, such as 5 x batters, 1 x keeper, 1 x all-rounder, and 4 x bowlers. Some fantasy contests allow you some flexibility when choosing your team members.

The contest then starts, and you’ll hope that the players you’ve chosen take you to victory. In a short contest, you won’t be able to tweak your team. However, in longer contests, such as those running over a whole season, you’ll usually be able to swap players in and out of your team, making sure you still obey all rules. Player values will also fluctuate in reaction to their form.

During a contest, players will win points for completing different actions. For example, a batsman might score 50 points for hitting a century and a fielder might get 5 points for taking a catch. Negative points are also awarded – for example, a bowler might lose 5 points for conceding a six.

Once a contest is over, the points are automatically calculated, and you’ll see if your team was ranked high enough to win any money.

How We Rank the Best Fantasy Cricket Apps

We spent a lot of time ranking the best apps to play fantasy cricket, to make sure you end up playing at the app perfect for you. Some of the attributes we looked at when ranking cricket fantasy apps are detailed below.

Selection of Fantasy Cricket Leagues

First and foremost, we want to see that a fantasy cricket app has a great range of different contests available. This will ensure that every cricket fan finds something that piques their interest. Contests should be based on competitions from around the world, such as the World Cup and the Indian Premier League.

Bonuses & Promotions

We also take a long look at the bonuses and promotions available to both new and existing players. The best fantasy cricket apps don’t just offer bonuses that are large, as they also have bonuses with fair terms and conditions, including reasonable wagering requirements.

Safety & Security

Safety and security should be paramount when using any app, so we make sure to check it comprehensively. We expect all payments made to the fantasy sports site to be protected by SSL encryption, to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Fantasy sites should also be as transparent as possible, to ensure all competitions are fair and above board.

Payment Methods

Next up, we look at the available payment methods, as we want everyone to find a suitable way to deposit and withdraw money. What’s more, the payment methods should offer fast transactions, plus there shouldn’t be any fees charged by the fantasy app for adding or withdrawing money.

Customer Support

Finally, we come to customer support, which should be fantastic at all the best fantasy cricket apps. We expect sites to offer live chat and email support, plus phone support is also great. Customer support agents should be friendly and genuinely helpful. There should also be a detailed help section that provides accurate information to those needing it.

How to Sign Up to a Top Fantasy Cricket App

Currently, there are no fantasy cricket apps available to those in the United States, so it’s not possible to detail the sign-up process. However, Battle Infinity is allowing visitors to purchase its in-game currency, ahead of the app launching. Take a look below to see how to get your hands on the IBAT currency at Battle Infinity.

1. Head Over to the Battle Infinity Website

Make your way over to the Battle Infinity website by clicking a link on this page. You can head there using a desktop or mobile device.

Battle Infinity Landing Page

2. Switch Over to BSC

Open your crypto wallet and then go through the process of switching over to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Once you’ve done so, go ahead and buy some Binance Coin, before adding it to your wallet.


3. Connect Your Wallet to Battle Infinity

You now need to head to the Battle Infinity site and click the “Connect Wallet” button, before following the on-screen instructions. It should take seconds to connect your wallet.

Connect Wallet Button at Battle Infinity

4. Purchase IBAT

You can now enter how much Binance Coin you want to spend purchasing IBAT. The minimum purchase is 0.1 BNB, while the maximum permitted purchase is 500 BNB. Also, add details of your referral wallet if required. Then click “Buy IBAT” to purchase the currency.

Buy IBAT at Battle Infinity

5. Wait Until Battle Infinity Launches

You now need to wait for Battle Infinity to launch. There is no solid date set for the launch – they are currently working on the fantasy cricket app development. Once launched, you’ll be able to spend your IBAT on fantasy cricket, as well as soccer, basketball, and kabaddi.

Types of Fantasy Cricket App Leagues/Contests

The types of contests you’ll find at the best fantasy cricket gambling apps vary from platform to platform. Take a look below to see some of the contest types you might find when you play fantasy cricket online.

Standard Game

This is when you pick a team from a large pool of players. Each player has a value, and you won’t be able to exceed a total value for your squad. Contests are often played against loads of other players, meaning prizes can be huge. This is the most common type of fantasy sport contest.

Pick ‘Em

We’ve used the name “Pick ‘Em” here, which is the name DraftKings uses, but this contest type has various names. It’s essentially any contest where the player pool is smaller and there’s no cap on value. This means that the time taken to select a team is shorter, which is great for those who want a faster way to play.


This is any type of contest where you play against more than two other opponents. The opponents can be strangers, but many people choose to set up private multiplayer contests with their friends.


You can probably work out how this contest works by reading the title. It’s simply a contest between two players, where the winner takes all. You can play against a stranger or arrange a head-to-head contest with a friend.


Leagues are the more traditional way to play fantasy cricket. They last for an entire tournament and players can make changes to their teams throughout. During the tournament, teams move up and down a league, and at the end of the tournament, the team with the most points wins. Leagues can be various sizes, with some boasting thousands of players and impressive prize pools.

Our Top 5 Tips for Playing at Fantasy Cricket Apps

Are you considering signing up and playing at one of the best fantasy cricket apps listed on this page? If so, we’ve got five helpful hints for you below, that should boost your chances of winning when you play.

1. Understand the Rules Perfectly

Firstly, you should understand the rules perfectly. There are often small caveats that can be exploited but go unnoticed by many. Check what others have to say about the rules too, so you can see if they’ve spotted any areas that could provide you with a boost to your points.

2. Don’t Be Biased

When selecting your fantasy team, it’s very easy to be biased. For example, you might be swayed to pick Virat Kohli in your IPL contest, just because you support RCB. However, the better move might have been to pick a player with a rival team.

3. Stay Up to Date

If you’re going to be successful at the best apps to play fantasy cricket, you need to stay up to date with the sport. This means you should follow cricket news and ensure you know about the form of different players, so you can make educated team selections.

4. Find Undervalued Players

It’s not the high price players who will win you a contest – it’s the players you buy for small amounts who overdeliver. You should think carefully about which lower valued players to pick, hunting out names who have been undervalued by the contest.

5. Think About the Opposition

Finally, you must think about the opposition, as this will affect how your player performs on the day. For example, you might select a batsman who’s strong against spin bowling. However, you then check, and the opposition doesn’t use spin, so selecting the player would be less attractive.

The Best Payment Methods for Fantasy Cricket Apps

You’ll find several ways to deposit money at the best fantasy cricket apps. Below, we’ve highlighted the three most common payment types you’ll find and shown you the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Crypto Betting Options

Cryptocurrency is hugely popular nowadays and the best fantasy cricket apps accept at least Bitcoin, the most popular crypto around. Some sites, such as the upcoming Battle Infinity, only accept cryptocurrency. While it might seem daunting initially, it’s actually incredibly simple to use – you’ll be confident using crypto after just a couple of transactions.

Cryptocurrency is an exceptionally secure way to deposit money, as there’s never any need to share banking details with the fantasy site. You also won’t incur high charges when using crypto. However, crypto deposits can take up to 10 minutes to be credited to your account – other payment methods offer instant transactions.

eWallet Betting Options

eWallets are another exceptionally popular way to deposit at online gambling sites. There are loads of them around the world, but the three most popular are PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. These are huge companies and can be trusted entirely, plus they spend huge sums on security, meaning you can be confident when using them.

eWallets offer instant transactions, so you won’t have to wait around before you start betting on fantasy cricket. However, they do have a significant issue: you’ll be required to pay fees when using them. Some charge fees when depositing, others charge fees when withdrawing, and some charge for both.

Traditional Payment Methods

Traditional payment methods are credit and debit cards, which have been used for years to make purchases online and offline. The most common credit and debit cards used online are VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Most of the best fantasy cricket apps will accept credit and debit card payments.

Some don’t like entering their card details online, but they’ll be perfectly safe providing you use a site with SSL encryption – just like all the sites we list on this page. Deposits made with credit and debit cards are instant, and you won’t have to pay any fees for depositing or withdrawing using them.

The Best Fantasy Cricket App in the US

As we’ve already mentioned, there aren’t currently any fantasy cricket apps. However, fantasy cricket app development is underway at Battle Infinity, and it will be the first site to offer a fantasy cricket app in the US when it opens.

You can help with fantasy cricket app development by Battle Infinity by heading over to the site using one of our links and pre-purchasing some credits. You’ll then be able to start playing fantasy cricket there are soon as they launch.


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