How to Join

CIELO Membership
Membership is open to any person who believes in and supports the objectives of the organization. Membership term is the January 1st through December 31st calendar year.
There are three ways to join our organization:
Individual Membership: $25.00 per year
Family Membership: $35.00 per year
Organization/Corporate Membership: $100.00 per year


$ 25
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If you wish to continue making your contribution by mail, please make the check out to CIELO, Inc. and mail to:


1010 Mesa Drive,

Chatham, IL 62629


All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

Donation Total: $25

To become a member of our organization and support our efforts, send us a completed membership application along with your dues to:
CIELO Membership
6101 Willow Springs Rd
Springfield, IL 62712-9592
Click here for a copy of our membership application.
If you don’t wish to join our organization today but you are interested in supporting us by making a donation, click here to see how you can do that.